Herbal solutions, using God-given plants.

Let's Get Planted!

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When Do Products Restock?

Products will restock on the 10th of each month, when subscribers get first access (be sure to SUBSCRIBE for the monthly passcode access).

After 12 hours of priority access, all products will then be open to the public...

Once we're sold out, products are not available until the next month.

So be sure to grab your favorite herbal remedies while you can!

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    We believe it's our duty to care for creation as best we can. That's why we prioritize organic ingredients and sustainable methods in every step of our process.


    As a trained herbalist, Katie passionately researches, formulates, and crafts every herbal product at Planted Herbals. Her mission is to offer natural solutions to support your well-being.


    If you are unhappy with your order, please reach out to us within 30 days, and we will provide further details for returns.

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    "So very happy with everything I've ordered from Planted Herbals!"

    Tereza J.

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    "Came for the super soothing whipped tallow, stayed for everything else..."

    Anick L.

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    "I wasn't a big believer in natural remedies until finding Katie's page. Now I'm hooked!"

    Jessica R.

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Hi, I'm Katie

While battling a debilitating autoimmune disease, I dove into the world of plants in order to heal. I became an herbalist with a strong background in holistic health, and went from sick to thriving.

Now I want to equip YOU with the tools you need in order to thrive using God-given herbs, too. Let's get planted!

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